Laser Diode Drivers

Our laser diode drivers are provided in OEM form or as a benchtop power supply for high power laser diodes (LD) and laser diode modules (LDM). They are used in laser devices and complexes in scientific, medical and technological spheres.

The drivers support both continuous and pulsed modes of laser diodes operation with precise control of current pulses duration from 40 µs to 100 000 µs and repetition rate up to 10 kHz. High accuracy of parameters tuning provides better exact output data results, hence improving the quality level of researches or any other operations conducted by means of our equipment.

The key features of our drivers are:

  • LD current up to 400 A and LD voltage up to 400 V;
  • two independent thermoelectric controllers (TEC) for external heater/Peltier elements with voltage up to 24 V and current up to 8 A;
  • 3 external interlocks.