Pockels Cell Drivers

We provide compact and light weight OEM Pockels Cell Drivers (PCD series) to modulate and deflect ultrafast optical beam for various purposes:

  • to control an electro-optical Q-switch in solid-state lasers;
  • for laser regenerative amplifiers;
  •  for pulse picking.
The key features of our drivers are nanosecond edges of HV output pulses, buid-in pulsed HV source. Using of high-quality components and optimized topology allows us to to achieve fast edges and reduce electromagnetic noise.

For different applications, our Pockels Cell Drivers provide following output modes:

  • trapeziodal HV output pulses with rise time < 2 ns and pulse duration up to 1 μs (PCD-21);
  • bell-like HV pulses with 2 ÷ 4 ns duration (PCD-21P);
  • rectangular HV pulses with controlled duration in the range of 2 ÷ 600 ns and less than 2 ns rising and falling edges (PCD-41 series).


Pockels Cell Driver "PCD-21"

High-voltage trapezoidal pulses with nanosecond rising edge for controlling an electro-optical Q-switch in solid-state lasers. 
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