Pulse Generators

We manufacture compact and light weight OEM pulse delay generators capable to provide pulses with adjustable durations and delays between pulses for synchronization of multiple external devices.

The Delay Generator-42 provides 6 independently adjustable output channels with pulse durations in range 1 ns - 1 s and delays between pulses in range 0 ns - 1 s with a resolution of 184 ps. Output pulses jitter is less than 0.5 ns at DG-42 internal triggering. 

The parameters of output pulses are regulated via supplied "DelayGenerator.exe" for Windows and Android and can be stored in the generator's non-volatile memory. The DG-42 may communicate with a computer via USB type C or USB-UART bridge connector or by means of the command set via the supported UART protocol (SDK supplied).


Delay Generator – 42

6 independent channels pulse generator DG-42 with adjustable durations and delays with 200 ps time resolution.

  • Independently adjustable pulses
  • Time resolution of 200 ps
  • Pulse duration starting from 1 ns